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How We Market Your Home

Skiles and Associates

1. First we work with you to determine the Market Value of your Home.

Market value is determined in several ways:

The True Market Value of your Home is determined by what a Buyer will Pay for your property. Often, Buyers base their assessment of value on:

  • Today’s market
  • Today’s competition
  • Today’s financing rates
  • Overall economic conditions in the area
  • The Buyers impression of the buying/selling market
  • Location of the property
  • Overall appearance of the property and perceived condition of the property

Unfortunately- Market value is not determined by:

  • How much you paid for the property
  • How much you need to purchase the home you are moving to
  • What the tax office says the property is worth

Many times, market value can be increased by making some improvements to the property. You may want to look at our Sellers Check List . You will several areas where improvements can make a difference in how Buyers perceive your property.

2. After the market value is determined we plan how and when to show your property. Depending on your preferences we may utilize a lock box system to facilitate showings. Our lock box technology allows specific times to be identified for showing.

3. The listing agreement will specify if you wish your home to be included in the Multiple Listing Service. If you choose to take advantage of this aspect of our service your property will be made available to all REALTOR members of the Central Texas Multiple Listing Service plus it will be available through REALTOR.COM and other similar internet providers to the general public.

4. Local advertising in area news publications will begin immediately. We will include your property in our property listings published in the San Marcos Daily Record and other publications as utilized. Naturally, your property will be featured on this web site. Other marketing efforts may include frequent notices to local and regional real estate brokerage firms. These are designed to raise awareness among agents and agencies.

5. We tract responses and keep you informed. If REALTORS have viewed the property and are not showing the home we let you know. If Buyers are viewing the home but there are no results we let you know. With this type of information, we can evaluate your prospects for completing the property sale within the original marketing window. If we are not getting the results we need, we may suggest some property improvements, changes in the terms offered slight changes in the way or time the property is being shown or even adjusting the price.

6. The final stage of the marketing effort includes the contracts, inspections, appraisal, survey, repairs (if any) and closing. Naturally we will be there at every turn, overseeing the process.